With the shift from volume to value-based care, healthcare organizations are looking beyond their walls to deliver care where and when it is needed—driving greater need for standardized workforce management strategies across the enterprise.

Unfortunately, many hospitals continue to rely on antiquated workforce management models that prevent optimal use of their human resources. Given that labor accounts for 54 percent of a hospital’s operating expenses, we believe an optimized workforce management model is critical to improving the financial, operational, and clinical performance of an organization.

GE Healthcare Partners works with hospitals and health systems to completely modernize their workforce management model to optimize people, processes, and technology – creating dynamic returns on efficiency and financial outcomes.

At the core of our solution is the Human Capital Value Chain, combining strategy, talent management, and workforce management. This model can help you optimize day-to-day operations while achieving your long-term strategic goals concerning human capital.

  • Strategy and Talent Management: workforce planning, leadership development, talent management, employee engagement, and learning and development.
  • Workforce Management: scheduling, staffing and assignment, productivity, behavior of cost, span of control, and coaching and mentoring.

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