More and more healthcare providers and health plans are finding the need to consolidate as we move to a fee-for-value world. There are many forces driving this growing trend of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and other new strategic partnerships, such as the need for scale to be able to participate successfully in value-based and at-risk contracting and the need to achieve quality gains.

GE Healthcare Partners provides a variety of advisory services to help guide those organizations seeking to transition into new partnerships or ownership structures. We understand the industry trends and factors that need to be considered while evaluating potential partners and new relationships. Our experience with transactions advisory include:

But what makes us unique is not just our transactions expertise. It is our multidisciplinary M&A team includes not just strategy and deal experts, but physicians and former hospital executives people who have hands-on experience in facing the tough issues confronting healthcare decision-makers. We understand that choosing to seek an affiliation transaction is perhaps the most important (and potentially irreversible) strategic decision that our clients will make. It is a decision that must be driven by guiding principles for the organization’s future and founded on a realistic assessment of existing circumstances and evaluation of the prospects for a successful transition to fee-for-value reimbursement and population health management.

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