Talent Development includes: Talent Review, Succession Planning, and Learning Experiences

Defining the Problem:

  • Significant industry change and increasing organizational size and complexity is changing the expectations for the talent within the organizations
  • Organizations often lack: 1) the ability to diagnose capability or behavioral gaps; 2) the cultural willingness to discuss gaps; and, 3) the resources to address gaps 
  • Talent development is often driven by employee interest rather than organizational need, which leads to Learning & Development teams that are unfocused and overwhelmed

What You Should Know and Consider:

  • Organizations need a structured way to build new capabilities within their workforce and effectively deploy talent where it is most needed
  • This starts with creating systems and structures to support and grow the capability of leaders to identify talent capability and behavioral gaps, and create plans to address gaps

Solution Dynamics:

Organizations must create simple, flexible and leader owned talent development processes and resources that align talent development actions to organizational strategy and operational needs. This should start with an assessment of existing processes and resources, and then pull together senior leadership for an executive working session (EWS). The EWS provides for objective input and executive level dialogue, and would be the first step in establishing a future-state Talent Development or broader Talent System model with supporting transformational roadmap.

GE Value Statement:

GE’s approach to Talent Development addresses required solution dynamics to drive the following improvements:

  • Aligning Talent Development to strategic and operational priorities makes the most of existing resources and provides consistent messaging needed for true change
  • Building leader ownership of talent development creates experiential learning opportunities and drives outcomes based application and sustained behavioral change
  • Linking and aligning Talent Development with Human Capital Value Chain leverages development to drive recruiting, retention, and effective workforce management

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