This is a challenging time as you transition to delivering greater value and transparency. Uncertainty around potential changes in health policy. Downward pressure on reimbursement. New market entrants. The rise of consumerism, big data, and technology…

Hard decisions and tough work lie ahead, but our multidisciplinary team of experts can help guide you—leveraging forward-thinking insights, advanced analytics, and proven tools and technology to ensure you thrive in a value-based world.

Our strategy and leadership advisory and activation services add significant value within the C-suite and across the organization, potentially driving return on investment (ROI) worth millions of dollars. We help our clients crystallize cohesive strategic plans of all kinds—from system-wide strategies and population health to your payer strategy, service line, and network development and more—via a combination of strategic advisory and world-renowned change management support.

Beyond strategy, we guide our clients in implementing outcome-based solutions around robust management and leadership systems to efficiently activate and manage those strategies in a programmatic fashion that:

  • Engages both leadership and staff in an inclusive and collaborative manner
  • Achieves desired outcomes via higher levels of transparency, accountability, and execution

Lastly, we leverage strong capabilities in strategic resource and cost management for our clients, aiding in the implementation of sustainable Lean process improvement and cost management initiatives.

GE Healthcare Partners providea comprehensive strategic and business planning services for a variety of clients. Backed by the power of GE and with our collaborative problem-back approach, national perspective, and analytic rigor, we can help you prepare for your success with range of strategy and leadership services.

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