In entering strategic partnerships, most health systems voice integration goals but only a few develop realistic and sustainable integration plans. Even fewer accomplish their goals. Why do so many system integration plans fall short? Typically because they lack effective solutions, underestimate the impact of system operations on the community, and fail to gain necessary support from the workforce. A system integration strategy must be grounded in value creation, risk management, and employee engagement to ensure any integration plan to reach its goals.

At GE Healthcare Partners, our experts develop and execute Business Plans of Operational Efficiencies (BPOE) that help you take advantage of consolidation and optimize M&A post-transaction effectiveness and synergies. We design plans to identify, prioritize, drive, and monitor integration opportunities to achieve maximum operation performance and reduce costs within a healthcare system. Clients typically see an average 4 to 7 percent cost improvement opportunity identified and documented through BPOE and value enhancement realization.

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