Most primary care practices still operate on a decades-old model based on physician preference. The result? Long wait times for appointments, inefficient office flow, and limited ability for patients to communicate with physicians outside of the exam room. Physicians have been ill-served as well, with double-booked appointments, lagging schedules, and increased administrative work.

As you look at your practice, consider the following:

  • Is your medical group positioned to succeed in a value-based, consumer-driven world where access, quality, and cost are the drivers of success?
  • How are you managing new payment models, disruptive technology, and emerging care delivery vehicles, such as e-visits, home monitoring and visits, retail clinics?
  • Will your current business and care delivery models support new payment systems, meet technology requirements, and satisfy consumer demands?
  • Have you started to transform the delivery of care to respond to competition and changing market forces?

GE Healthcare Camden Group can help you address all those issues. Our Physician Services team can help you develop patient-centric care delivery and business models that optimize patient and physician satisfaction and enable the practice to effectively compete today and in the future.

We begin by helping organizations identify and close the gap between where its medical group is currently positioned and where it needs to be for optimum success. We leverage hands-on experience and innovative GE-proprietary tools for practice transformation, including simulation modeling and mobile workflow design apps. We assist physician groups in transforming their practice by customizing activation roadmaps that address technology, operational efficiency, financial performance, patient access and satisfaction, and clinical care redesign. And to ensure long-term success, we help create dashboards and other performance monitors to help sustain measurable results.

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