New payment models are emerging, public reporting of quality measures and costs is on the rise, retail clinics and other new providers offer new competition, and EMRs and mobile health are fast becoming “table stakes.” As providers consolidate, find strength in size, and work to redesign care delivery, is your physician organization poised to succeed in a value-based world?

For more than 40 years, GE Healthcare Partners has worked with medical groups, independent practice associations (IPAs), and other physician organizations to tackle the toughest strategic, operational, and financial challenges. This includes:

  • Improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Developing and restructuring medical groups and clinics
  • Redesigning compensation plans
  • Developing and implementing various forms of physician-hospital integration, including MSOs, clinically integrated networks, ACOs, joint ventures, direct employment, faculty practice plans, medical foundations, and PHSOs

With our deep knowledge of the challenges unique to physicians and our collaborative, problem-back approach, we provide the insight and outcomes-based solutions to help guide and activate your transition to value-based care.

Our team members have hands-on medical group operations experience and frequently speak and write on medical group performance improvement for organizations such as CAPG, AMGA, and MGMA. We also authored the book Medical Group Management: Strategies for Enhancing Performance.

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