How are rising pharmaceutical costs affecting your system? How much is your pharmacy contributing to your hospital’s bottom line? How much is it costing? How safe is your medication delivery?

Every healthcare executive should ask themselves these burning platform questions. Due to rising pharmaceutical costs, quality and safety imperatives, regulatory scrutiny on medication management, 340B compliance challenges, and reduced reimbursement rates, healthcare leaders need to take an ever closer look at their own pharmacy operations. That’s where GE Healthcare Partners can help.

Our Pharmacy Services Include:

  • 340B Compliance and Optimization: Implement, extend and optimize your hospital’s participation in the 340B Program.
  • Pharmacy Efficiency: Ensure an efficient, cost-effective corporate pharmacy by improving processes and renewing your commitment to quality.
  • Medication Quality and Safety: Ensure your medication delivery practices comply with the most recent regulations and deliver the highest quality of patient care.

Client Benefits

Our services result in high-performing hospital-based operations that deliver exceptional medication care in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. For clients this means:

  • Enhanced medication quality and safety – Improved medication management practices and proper technology implementation
  • Reduced pharmacy expense – Evidence-based pharmaceutical use guidelines, enhanced contract and pricing opportunities
  • Revenue enhancement – Pharmaceutical charge capture, competitive pricing, charge master and denial improvement
  • 340B – Implementation, optimization and regulatory compliance
  • Increased workflow efficiency – Complete operational review to identify and improve efficient resource utilization
  • Improved staff engagement – As part of a high-performing, patient-centered pharmacy practice

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