Hospitals face dozens of challenges related to operating room efficiencies, most notably:

  • Inability to access time on the surgical schedule
  • Inefficient daily processes such as turnover and first case starts, which delay cases
  • Productivity of staff is low, and staffing costs are too high 
  • Controlling supply and implant costs
  • Developing and executing a strategic growth plan
  • Inability to gain momentum on identifying, driving, and sustaining improvements

Without addressing these challenges, hospitals are unable to run their operating rooms and perioperative programs at peak efficiency. This can result in a reduction in revenue due to cases being completed elsewhere, increased costs as a result of poor productivity associated with variability in the schedule, and increased supply costs due to unnecessary inventory and overuse.

GE Healthcare Partners' proven approach to perioperative transformation is comprised of four critical areas – Scheduling and Access, Operations, Growth and Cost Management, and Culture and Accountability.

Scheduling and Access

Our Scheduling team utilizes GE’s Block OptimizerTM and Hospital of the Future Analytics PlatformTM to optimize surgical block time, increase access to OR time and ensure bottlenecks are not created downstream by optimizing just the OR schedule. Our team also refines scheduling policies using best practices to drive earlier case bookings and efficiencies while standardizing surgeon office scheduling practices.


Our Operations team pinpoints improvement opportunities across the perioperative continuum and designs new processes with key stakeholders based off of best practices. Our team utilizes our Change Acceleration Program (CAP) to ensure buy-in and consensus throughout the organization while they are designing, piloting, and implementing process changes – example processes include room turnover, first case start, and hospital and surgeon office communication.

Growth and Cost Management

We also assist organizations in building growth plans that strategically target specific service lines to improve revenue capture. On the flip side, we can reduce cost by implementing solutions that align staffing to demand and optimizing OR supply chain management.

Culture and Accountability

Lastly, we re-design OR governing bodies so they can drive sustainability of current initiatives and continue to drive improvements. This is achieved by establishing the necessary operating mechanisms for the committee, optimizing scheduling policies, and developing operational dashboards for key performance targets that are transparent to all.

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