In the age of healthcare consumerism, your patients want convenient access to care. Being able to see a provider on weekends and during evening hours, and avoiding long waits, is critical to their patient experience and satisfaction. In this new value-based world, reimbursement is tied to both these indicators, so meeting these demands is a necessity. Medical groups also face increased competition from new providers, including retail clinics and virtual visits that offer patients nearly immediate access in convenient locations.

Designed by our leading practice experts, Advanced Access is an access management system that can you help you improve patient access. Effective and easy to implement, it enables patients to schedule an appointment when they want or need to be seen, regardless of complaint or need. It’s not a program, but rather, a new way of operating the practice and maximizing office efficiencies by measuring and matching supply, demand, and capacity. Advanced Access is customized for your practice and instills a culture of “Do today’s work today” – which ultimately improves patient satisfaction, increases access and continuity of care, and improves the quality of practice life for physicians and staff.

As part of our performance improvement assessment, or as a stand-alone advisory service, our experts will train your practice on Advanced Access and provide the education and tools needed to implement this highly effective system.

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