You know your medical group needs to perform more efficiently, but deciding where, when, and how to begin is the real challenge. What are the performance benchmarks you need to meet to succeed in this new value-based world? Where are the real opportunities for improvement that you can address now to ensure long-term success?

At GE Healthcare Camden Group, we have extensive hands-on operations experience in a variety of practice settings, from private practices to hospital-owned medical groups and faculty practice plans. We understand the daily issues that physician groups face and can help you develop outcomes-based solutions to drive performance and achieve tangible results.

Our process includes:

  • Detailed assessment of your critical drivers of financial and operational performance
  • Comparison of your key indicators to industry benchmarks and performance trends
  • On-site visits and interviews with key stakeholders to understand the relevant issues, and investigate areas that fall outside of expected performance
  • Application of process improvement methodologies including Lean and Six Sigma, and working with your team to identify real opportunities to achieve long-lasting results
  • Redesigning workflow using proprietary GE simulation modeling and mobile workflow design apps
  • Modeling of the economic impact of our recommendations to ensure they achieve the value needed for the success of the group
  • An action plan and easy-to-use tools to monitor ongoing progress – ensuring results for your group now and in the future
  • GE’s world renowned Change Acceleration Program (“CAP”) to implement difficult changes and make them sustainable

Identifying opportunities is just the first step to success. The next step is translating those opportunities into action. While we provide a prioritized action plan to group leadership as part of our assessment process, some organizations require further assistance. GE Healthcare Camden Group can lead or facilitate performance improvement efforts in areas such as:

  • Operations improvement
  • Patient access and flow
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Physician compensation
  • Financial services and reporting
  • Management/Governance structure

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