Medical groups are transitioning at a rapid pace, particularly through consolidation, into new ownership structures to strengthen their market positions and achieve strategic and financial objectives. This includes creating new integrated relationships with hospitals or other medical groups; it may also mean dissolutions or “unwinding” unsuccessful relationships.

To assist medical groups with these types of transitions, we provide the following advisory services:

Strategic, Operational, and Financial Plans

  • Identify the strategic and financial objectives of all parties.
  • Identify strategic alternatives and the operational and financial ramifications of pursuing each strategy.
  • Prepare budgets and financial projections to identify potential cash and capital requirements.
  • Review management and leadership structure and capabilities to identify changes required for success.

Transaction Facilitation

  • Facilitate negotiations between parties involved in mergers, acquisitions, or dissolutions.
  • Conduct and/or facilitate due diligence.
  • Perform certified fair market valuations and fairness opinions as necessary.
  • Design new physician compensation methodologies for professional services agreements or individual physician compensation/benefit structures.

Transition Assistance

  • Identify financing options and facilitate relationships with bankers, payers, hospitals, and others to meet cash requirements.
  • Provide part- and full-time interim management personnel, including administrators, business office management, payer contracting, and other administrative leadership.
  • Prepare and provide oversight of detailed transition/implementation plans to guide the transition.

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