As healthcare organizations work to transform their organizations and move to fee-for-value, they face critical challenges in activating new strategies, including:

  • Major organizational strategic shifts: Population health, significant growth, reimbursement/business model shifts
  • Cultural changes: Holding to operating system, mergers, high performance organization
  • Lack of focus/execution rigor: Too many competing priorities, strategies not successfully implemented
  • Implementation challenges: Organizational plans requiring significant leadership focus and staff alignment

Activation is the missing link in most organizations. Research shows that organizations are successful in implementing only one-third of their strategies and only five percent of employees understand their organization’s strategic goals.

At GE Healthcare Camden Group, we help clients deploy management and leadership systems that support a high-performing culture capable of leading organizations to strategic success. Proven effective in GE and dozens of healthcare organizations, these systems can be deployed within an organization to implement strategies and changes, both large and small. Working together, these processes align staff and resources to organizational objectives, producing effective and lasting change. The results achieved are real and measurable as defined by leadership. 

Our experts in culture-driven performance improvement assist clients in significantly improving performance and strategy implementation. These are proven activation process and outcomes, based on successful GE concepts. Additionally, the model is applicable across multiple problem areas /sizes.

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