As your healthcare organization transitions to value-based payments and new care delivery models, it’s critical to align your financial planning and forecasting with your strategic plan to ensure a strong financial outlook.

Our strategic financial planning experts use proprietary forecasting and planning tools to help you navigate to pay-for-performance and value-based payments. We understand the nuances in local and regional markets, changes unfolding at the national level, and the impact of changes in clinical care delivery that will impact financial performance.  

We believe it is critical to start with the organization’s strategic plan to develop a long-range financial plan (LRFP). The integration of operational and strategic initiatives creates an achievable plan that allows you to deploy required capital and meet the established financial targets. Key aspects of our plan development:

  • Assessing the financial, operational, and market position of your organization and setting parameters to guide financial targets.
  • Combining your historical data with our deep industry expertise to forecast market trends and give you insight into changes required to enable future success.
  • Identifying past and potential financial contributions to your organization from each service line, business unit, and key initiative. We combine this information with likely changes in payment methods and a thorough assessment of your debt capacity and access to capital. This analysis helps you prioritize resource allocation to ensure strategic alignment and project the impact of strategies on your future financial performance.

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