Healthcare organizations are struggling to understand the impact of their investments in population health initiatives. To help measure performance risk and evaluate return on investment ("ROI"), organizations are building and implementing analytics-based value models as decision-making tools. Creating these value models allows healthcare organizations to quantify risks and evaluate viability. It also allows organizations to measure and track ROI in digital health technology and resources associated with various programs aimed at managing the health of the populations they serve.

GE Healthcare Partners' team of analysts, data scientists, and actuaries builds comprehensive analytics-based value models for organization leaders (CFO, CMO, CIO, Population Health Leaders) wanting to evaluate their ROI from investments in care management programs, look to better manage utilization, and predict outcomes. Some of the questions and challenges we assist organizations with include:

  • Where should organizations invest resources in order to drive the most value from their care management programs?
  • What is the impact on their programs to both acute and ambulatory utilization?
  • Which programs are driving the greatest value and how are these measured?
  • What “value levers” are important in order to drive the best outcomes?
  • What are the expected outcomes from managing certain medical conditions and/or population risk cohorts?
  • What is the typical ROI of their care management programs and population health initiatives?
  •  How can this information be used to support risk-based contracting with payers and other providers?

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