How well do your HR policies align with your strategic plan? What more can you do to develop an engaged, energized workforce? How much of a toll is premium pay taking on your budget? And what changes can you make to improve employee satisfaction and staff retention?

Every healthcare executive should ask themselves these burning platform questions. With healthcare costs rising exponentially, reimbursements falling, and acute care patient volumes declining, never before has there been greater pressure to reduce costs. Labor expenses typically comprise the largest expenditure, making it a prime area for significant initiatives to reduce costs and increase engagement.

The pressures aren’t only financial. With the ongoing nursing staff shortage and the growing focus on patient experience, hospitals are finding that their biggest competitive advantage is their staff. Recruiting and retaining quality staff requires a new approach to human resources, one that brings together HR and financial best practices to create a competitive program that delivers on your strategic plan. That’s where GE Healthcare Partners can help.

We position organizations for longterm success through:

  • Aligning HR policies and programs to the organization’s overall strategic plan
  • Assessing application of pay practices as they relate to current and shifting employer dynamics
  • Developing workforce management solutions to meet the changing environment
  • Maximizing the value of health plan related expenses across the continuum of employee health services, including pre-hire screenings and maintenance, wellness and disease management programs, health plan and pharmaceutical design, and care of injured workers

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