Without active physician engagement, support, and leadership, hospitals and health systems will struggle to achieve core objectives, such as population health, quality, service, access, care coordination, reduced readmissions, bundled payments, and use of new technology. When working with a medical staff of independent and employed physicians, gaining consistency can be difficult. Independent physicians often lack coordination and common goals, while most of the employed or closely-affiliated medical groups under-perform operationally and/or financially and often fail to coordinate care and improve performance across the larger system. 

Creating a high performing physician enterprise requires more than a typical consulting engagement. We partner with clients to understand their unique market and medical staff dynamics, design physician enterprise solutions specific to their strategies and objectives, and implement sustainable changes that drive results. The journey is one of collaboration and mutual accountability. Our multidisciplinary team of consultants works side-by-side with you to improve the performance of all physicians, increase quality, chart a course from volume to value, increase patient access, coordinate care across the continuum, improve physician and staff satisfaction and engagement, and respond to market opportunities. 

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