Many healthcare organizations, in pursuit of economies of scale and scope, have acquired a collection of overlapping units that have failed to achieve the intended goal of system integration and transformation. Economies of scale are factors that cause the average cost of producing something to fall as the volume of its output increases and have been one of the main drivers in many mergers and acquisitions in healthcare today. Economies of scale, however, can also create diseconomies of scale. The larger an organization becomes in pursuit of reaping economies of scale, the more complex it tends to become to manage and run such scale. This complexity incurs a cost, and eventually this cost may outweigh the savings gained from greater scale.

GE Healthcare Partners helps organizations create value through economies of scale and scope with system integration and optimizing synergies. We use a customized problem-back approach to system integration, understanding the “precious few” areas to focus on that will be prioritized and sequenced in a way that creates the most value for the organization.

Building a Customized Approach

We provide STRATEGY + ANALYTICS + ACTIVATION to help you  achieve sustainable, breakthrough outcomes in revenue enhancement, expense reduction, and capital avoidance to fulfill the promise of true system integration

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