Almost all hospitals (98%) are either members or affiliates of a group purchasing organization (GPO). GPOs offer vital services for every supply chain function, and hospitals rely on them for advantageous supply and drug pricing as well as for other value-add services. GPO relationships are typically a minimum of five years and most are reviewed even more infrequently than that.

But are you maximizing the savings potential with your GPO? How do you know if your GPO is the right one for your organization? What more could you achieve with your GPO? We objectively guide our clients through the complex process to answer these questions, assess your GPO, ensure your GPO partner is the best possible fit with your organization and its culture, and help you convert your contract if that’s the best option for your organization.

As a completely objective third-party consultant, you know we have your organization’s benefit as our top priority.

Our successful client engagments result in:

  •  Maximized GPO savings
  •  Improved pricing and contract terms
  •  Enhanced standardization
  •  Reduced costs and improved quality

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