Hospitals continue to acquire medical groups in response to market dynamics. At the same time, independent medical groups continue to grow. Regardless of the ownership model, these larger and increasingly complex medical groups require active physician engagement and leadership to realize their full potential. 

Our medical group experts combine real world experience with GE’s world renowned leadership systems to create organizational structures that provide physicians with real involvement in the medical group’s strategy and operations. When appropriate, we also design structures that align with and support health system strategies and processes. We support the use of management dyads that partner physicians and administrators in powerful teams to oversee operations at all levels of the organization.

Unfortunately, traditional medical training does little to prepare physicians for success in new leadership and management roles. We work with organizations to create customized leadership development programs that identify the organization’s unique needs, assess current gaps among the leaders, create curriculum, and develop learning methods to give physicians the tools and resources they need to succeed.

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