Industry consolidation, new entrants, and regulatory changes are impacting all segments of the healthcare sector. As providers look for more ways to deliver high-quality, efficient, and effective care, organizations are seeking to build, buy, or partner on new capabilities.

GE Healthcare Partners offers trusted financial advisors who approach your challenges with objectivity, rigorous evaluation, and scenario planning. Using our simulation and scenario analysis, financial modeling, and integrated market, financial, and operational analysis, you can make tough decisions confidently, gain buy-in, and implement lasting, outcomes-based solutions.

You can also call on our team to assist with debt capacity, financial capability studies, and evaluate underperforming assets. Our accredited appraisers can assure that valuations and fairness opinions meet the rigorous expectations of regulators and deal makers.

Our financial operations and transactions expertise is rooted in extensive consulting and direct provider/payor experience including:

  • C-level positions with some of the premier hospitals and health systems across the country, as well as executive roles within some of the most highly respected health plans
  • Advising more than 100 organizations in the preparation and completion of financial, capital and integrated strategic financial plans
  • Completing more than 1,000 transactions related to business valuations and fair market value opinions.

We also leverage in-house expertise in other facets of healthcare, such as care design, population health, physician services, and healthcare strategy and leadership, to provide holistic, outcomes-based solutions to drive real results.

We have focused exclusively on healthcare for more than 40 years, and our in-depth knowledge of market, clinical, payment, regulatory, and compliance issues, along with our collaborative approach and practical analyses can help you overcome the most difficult of financial challenges and take advantage of growth opportunities successfully.

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