There are many situations that might warrant a feasibility study. Perhaps your organization is considering expanding a service line, building a new hospital, or even forming a health plan. It is critical to understand "Is this possible?  Will it be profitable?  If so, when?" Our finance team can help you complete various feasibility studies so you can make informed decisions to achieve your financial and strategic goals. We use our proprietary financial models to project utilization and financial performance. Through our simulation and scenario analyses, financial modeling, and our integrated market, financial, and operational analyses, we help you make focused decisions with confidence in conclusions, ensuring optimal solutions and the necessary buy-in.

Our feasibility studies help you:

  • Secure new debt or refinance existing debt (official statements for the issuance of tax-exempt bonds often include feasibility studies)
  • Provide information to potential investors for syndication purposes
  • Guide internal capital planning or pre-feasibility purposes
  • Build or expand hospitals or other healthcare facilities
  • Expand existing services, add new programs, close services, or create joint ventures

Specific to the development of operational and governance plans, financial feasibility studies, and strategic assessments, we understand what works and what does not - and why. We facilitate a process that results in a structural model and associated strategies to fit your vision. Our skill and experience with strategic plan development allows us to provide associated implementation plans that include a detailed "roadmap" for the resources, capabilities, financing, and leadership necessary for success. We lead the activation of the selected strategies and set-up of the required operational functions, such as centralized business office, clinical integration, and payer contracting. 

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