Strategy drives everything. Our strategic planning and activation services are financially integrated, unique to your organization and market, rooted in deep analytics, and led by industry experts with healthcare strategic and operational skillsets. Unlike “off the shelf” strategic planning products, our services are tailored to your organization’s current operating environment and aligned to the evolution of healthcare AND the specifics of your market. The breadth of our integrated strategic service offering and toolkit spans the continuum of care beyond the traditional models of healthcare.

Our strategic solutions, approach, and framework will lend value to your organization whether you are at the forefront of value-based care delivery or struggling to maintain your market position in a traditional fee-for-service market…or whether you represent a single clinical service or a multi-regional health system. 

GE Healthcare Camden Group will work with your organization through an interactive process to develop strategies that will enhance your organization’s position – competitively, financially, and clinically. Our process assures that the strategies created are aligned to the organization’s vision as well as its financial imperatives – and have broad stakeholder support... Furthermore, our team has the experience to implement strategic initiatives through our activation models.

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