Demand-based Staffing includes: Analytics, Labor Mobility, Skill Mix Alignment, and Core and Flexible Staffing Processes and Tools

Defining the Problem:

  • To achieve and sustain labor expense savings related to staffing levels and labor resource consumption, healthcare organizations are required to have more insights from objective data
  • Insights from objective data are needed to position organizations to plan workforce needs and to respond to those needs in an agile manner

What You Should Know and Consider:

  • Some organizational leaders wrongly assume that their managers have data readily available to assess and plan their ongoing staffing needs
  • Some leaders also wrongly assume that their managers have the skills, knowledge base, and bandwidth to create and analyze staffing to demand charts; evaluate the seasonality of workload; and design flexible staffing processes and systems.
  • Lack of required insights from data and required manager-level skillsets yield a significant gap in realizing labor expense savings

Solution Dynamics:

  • Organizations must raise the staffing IQ of its managers and equip them with the tools and knowledge at teachable moments as they run their respective departments
  • Deploying expertise to educate managers on the fundamental approaches to evaluating the demand side of staffing will ensure that managers are grounded in the basics of workforce planning; serving as a core skill within the broader labor management tool chest
  • Nursing unit-specific tools for workload indicator development and implementation of staffing systems (a.k.a., Workload Triggers) will also provide ongoing tools for managing nursing resources as well as a rich data set to be used in annual workforce planning

GE Value Statement:

GE’s approach to Demand-based Staffing addresses required solution dynamics to drive the following improvements:

  • Demand based staffing becomes a requisite to achieving productivity targets and to sustaining improvements over the long term
  • Advanced analytics for demand based staffing enables hiring plans to be based on need, and provides data regarding flexible staffing needs

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