Daily Shift Management includes: Patient Needs-Based, Contingent Workforce Strategies, and Leave Management Integration

Defining the Problem:

  • The ongoing achievement of productivity targets is a major component of an organization’s effective management of labor expenses
  • To achieve staffing targets consistently, managers need to have a daily focus on this activity and not wait for a biweekly report to gauge performance
  • A large “knowing/doing” gap exists in the management ranks of healthcare organizations with regards to the metrics, tools, and actions required for daily management of staffing

What You Should Know and Consider:

  • Effective management of daily productivity requires significant pre-planning as well as a vigilance on daily workload versus staffing
  • Senior leaders often assume that the day to day activities of a manager include a focus on departmental productivity – however, this focus can often occur only with the biweekly or monthly review of reports

Solution Dynamics:

  • Provide daily staffing tools in all departments in which they make sense – largely the variable departments (not just nursing units).
  • Engage subject matter experts that have diverse experiences as operators of the respective departments to bring forward best practices and alternative staffing models to be adapted for implementation.

GE Value Statement:

GE’s approach to Daily Shift Management addresses required solution dynamics to drive the following improvements:

  • Daily staffing tools developed for specific departments will enable managers to act on a daily basis and reduce the need for more substantive interventions required if productivity is reviewed only at a biweekly or monthly basis.

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