While the names may vary (Command Center, Mission Control, Operations Room, Situation Room, Intelligence Centre, Control Center) the concept and aims are similar:

Concept: Concentrate operational decisionmakers and equip them with real-time, predictive decision support tools to enable better and faster decisions.

Objective: Enable a new level of efficiency, visibility and integration measured in outcomes, utilization, waiting times, length-of-stay, cost, and patient and staff satisfaction.

In the healthcare sector, GE is leading the way globally, helping clients to imagine, design, build, and activate Command Centers for hospitals and health systems.

Command centers complement other performance improvement tools with the capability to anticipate, detect, and mitigate risk in real time.

They create value by:

  • Providing a center of gravity for culture, learning, and continuous improvement.
  • Offering wide-ranging scope that can span complex care management, delays in care, continuum patient flow, scheduling, clinical deterioration, patient safety, eICU, virtual care, and more.

GE-developed Command Centers are different from the many existing transfer centers, bed management centers, and resource centers. Leading providers with these legacy smaller centers are already replacing them with command centers. Our new centers are larger in scope and scale. They manage patients into, through, and out of the hospital. They manage patient safety and experience, not just bed management or transfers. They include care management and strategy not just housekeeping and transport. They also incorporate predictive and prescriptive decision support tools, not just dashboards from IT systems.

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