Clinical integration and accountable care organizations (ACOs) are two sides of the same coin. Clinical integration is the process – or the “way” – and an ACO is an enabling structure as well as a specific contracting model for a group of providers. We help you define the “why, how, and what” needed to become clinically integrated and the appropriate structure to support integration. We consider the unique characteristics and culture of your medical community, hospital(s) and health system entities, as well as your competitive and payer environment.

Expertise in Clinical Integration and Accountable Care

At the core of our strategic advisory and activation expertise is the ability to bring together diverse partners from across the care delivery continuum to align around a common vision improving the health situation of a defined population. We assist clients in:

  • Determining how to collaborate with non-owned partners to improve the quality and cost of care in compliance with Federal Trade Commission/Department of Health guidance to enable joint contracting with managed care payers.
  • Developing the systems, processes, and data to care for a population of patients, including predictive modeling, disease management, proactive identification of at-risk patients, and coordinated inpatient and outpatient care management models.

What makes GE Healthcare Camden Group different? Rather than applying a “standard” model as other advisors do, we craft a customized approach aligned to the unique characteristics and culture of each medical community and hospital and their competitive environment. Plus, we leverage existing constructs and relationships when possible to develop and implement solutions that maximize the use of resources.

Our team includes individuals who led the implementation of one of the first clinically integrated organizations recognized by the Federal Trade Commission, as well as physicians and executives who have worked with dozens of clinically integrated networks and ACOs. We have the practical expertise in aligning and leading physicians, coordinating and managing clinical care across a continuum, designing and integrating the IT and analytics supporting care management, negotiating with payers, and managing risk pools and the financial operations specific to a clinically integrated organization. Many members of our senior management team have served in clinical leadership roles in health systems, integrated networks, provider groups and in managed care environments.

ACO Checkup

GE Healthcare Camden Group’s ACO Checkup is a focused, comprehensive assessment of the performance of your clinically integrated network or ACO. Our ACO experts will evaluate your current operations for effectiveness, efficiency, and value—identifying best practices, organizational bright spots, and areas of improvement in eight component areas.

Population Health Alliances

Increasingly, healthcare systems are partnering with other provider organizations to pursue population health initiatives on a regional or statewide basis. Viewed as alternatives to more traditional mergers and acquisitions, these alliances bring together more than one health system, hospital, or physician group. This emerging collaboration model provides opportunities to share common infrastructure, expand geographic reach, and increase access to additional clinical and support resources.

GE Healthcare Camden Group’s advisors assist healthcare organizations in creating these collaborations and optimizing their performance, drawing from our national experience in forming relationships. We frequently help healthcare systems in exploring strategic and financial options for the organization and in developing strategic relationships with physician and other provider partners. This includes system-system partnerships, incentive arrangements, medical group formation/consolidation, co-management agreements, and other regional ventures. We also have a broad experience with payer relationships to assure that the incentives at the payer level support the new delivery models.

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