What are some distinct Strategic Performance Relationship characteristics?

  • Relationships are aligned to client outcomes that are an organizational priority based upon the specific financial, operational, and/or clinical goals the client seeks to achieve.
  • Most relationships are longer-term--typically 5-10 years. This timeline ensures we are aligned not only with achieving the outcome but sustaining the outcome in the environment on an ongoing basis, as appropriate.
  • Leveraged by relational governance--a model that creates a joint problem solving approach to how the relationship is managed rather than a contractually specific definition over the relationship – to allow us to pivot as the market, environment, and conditions change over time.
  • Involve a joint-pursuit of outcomes--both organizations share a philosophical approach to the way we work together--teaming to co-resource and align on approach and measurement of the outcome.
  • Drives value for both the client and GE Healthcare, realizing meaningful value creation financially and aligned to strategic goals – as a result of the relationship.
  • Involves GE Healthcare putting fees and outcomes goals at risk--meaning that fees and payment for outcomes work will be tied to outcome achievement. We leverage nontraditional fee structures, risk structures, and alignment of funds with outcomes.
  • Allows GE Healthcare to become the preferred provider of technology, associated services, and advisory capabilities where those capabilities are in scope of achieving the outcome.

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