High-functioning care management departments impact the full triple aim of the hospital enterprise—cost of care, population health, and the patient experience. At GE Healthcare Partners, we can help you identify key priorities for the design and implementation of a care management model that supports the transition to value-based care.

Our care management experts can help you evaluate your current care management model for key processes including:

  • Length-of-stay management
  • Discharge/Transition planning
  • Psychsocial management
  • Multi-Disciplinary rounds
  • Utilization review
  • Post-Acute transitions
  • Readmission services
  • Physician advisor services

Integration with hospitalist program performance is also a critical component of successful care management programs, and our hospitalist team can also assist with evaluating the degree of integration and collaboration between your inpatient physician management team and nursing care managers.

Additionally, as care management expands beyond the four walls of an acute care hospital to the full continuum of care, managing the health of a population requires coordinating care managers in your hospital(s) with those in primary care provider offices, specialty clinics, managed care plans, and post-acute venues to achieve an integrated approach. Learn more about GE Healthcare Partners' comprehensive Integrated Care Management solution.

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