Optimizing patient access is about hitting the sweet spot between supply and demand. An effective care access system not only drives up patient satisfaction, it drives out waste, reducing cost and improving value.

At GE Healthcare Partners, we approach care access holistically—combining clinical, financial, and operational perspectives to help clients achieve sustainable, breakthrough outcomes.

Our multi-disciplinary team uses proprietary financial and simulation modeling, paired with predictive analytics, to help organizations identify and remove bottlenecks and optimize scheduling, from the ED to primary care.

Plus, we take a macro view of care access across your entire health system. For example, if analytics indicate a patient outmigration rate greater than 5 to 10%, we help you find practical ways to keep more patients in the network. That could involve, for example, establishing non-traditional access points, such as retail clinics that require new relationships and care redesign.

Strategies to improve patient access…analytics to identify pain points…and activation to deliver desired outcomes…that’s why more than 2,400 organizations across the U.S. trust us with their toughest challenges.

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