For most healthcare organizations, facility expansion is a costly, last resort. In this environment of reduced reimbursement, health systems must achieve operational efficiencies beyond just squeezing out costs in their hospitals.

At GE Healthcare Camden Group, our experts work with thousands of hospitals, and the capacity optimization challenges we hear may sound familiar to you. Does your organization struggle with:

  • Reducing ED boarding and PACU holding? Increasing early discharges? 
  • Accommodating growth in high acuity services without adding beds? 
  • Reallocating beds according to anticipated demand? Identifying the tipping points?
  • Reducing cost per patient day? 
  • Increasing staff efficiency? 

Optimizing capacity and patient flow in the hospital and across the system is critical to improving patient access and satisfaction, and delivering the best value for the patient.

We use GE’s Hospital of the Future (HoF) Analytics and Digital Twins programs, software applications that provide information to make hospitals more efficient and improve the patient experience. Working with you, we can quickly design and test a range of operational scenarios and show you the impact on patients, staff capacity, and cost. The result is a fundamentally more efficient system—physical capacities, workflows, staffing model, and patient experience—by design.

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