In the two years since the implementation of the Johns Hopkins Command Center, measurable improvements in a number of areas include:

  • Ambulance pickup: Johns Hopkins’ critical care team is now dispatched 63 minutes sooner to pick up patients from outside hospitals.
  • Emergency Department: A patient is assigned a bed more than 30 percent faster after a decision is made to admit him or her from the Emergency Department. Patients are also transferred out of the Emergency Department more than 20 percent faster after they are assigned a bed.
  • Hospital admissions: While The Johns Hopkins Hospital is operating at a higher patient occupancy level, the ability to transfer patients to their rooms faster has had the functional effect of opening 16 additional inpatient beds, while not actually opening physical beds.
  • Patient transfers from other hospitals: There has been a more than 40  percent improvement in the ability to accept patients with complex medical conditions from other hospitals around the region and country.
  • Operating room: Transfer delays from the operating room after a procedure have been reduced by 51 percent.
  • Patient discharges: 21 percent more patients are now discharged before noon, compared to prior to the opening of the Capacity Command Center.

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