Humber River Hospital added a flag for COVID-19 (SARS-Cov2 tested positive) patients to its Clinical Deterioration Tile, providing inpatient unit leaders and command centre staff  visibility to changes in patient status for COVID-19 patients with medium and high risk of clinical deterioration anywhere in the hospital.  The ability to target the COVID-19 patient population on the Deterioration Tile provides visibility to unit level recognition of clinical deterioration events and enables timely and targeted action 24/7 for these patients that can deteriorate quickly.  It also enables Humber to more precisely manage bed capacity and staff assignments and predict ICU admissions based on hospital defined patient early warning scores and the rate of decline during this crucial time when ICU resources are limited.

Furthermore, Humber reports that the combination of the COVID-19 flag and the early warning score generates rich data, which they are analyzing to understand which physiological parameters used by Humber clinicians  (Temp, Oxygen Sat, Systolic BP, Respiration Rate, Respiratory Effort, Pulse Rate, Oxygen Therapy, Capillary Refill Time and Level of Consciousness ) contribute the most to medium and high risk early warning scores in COVID-19 patients, and how these parameters change over time and in response to treatment and intervention provided by staff.  In this way, Humber clinicians can continuously learn and adjust actions and clinical practice by trending the risks, physiological parameters and proactive response/monitoring associated with COVID-19 patients and with specific sub-groups within this group of patients.

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