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This large physician network, a 300 provider multispecialty medical group, engaged GE Healthcare Partners to assess the opportunities and challenges it faced in improving its financial and operational performance. The physician network has experienced significant growth over the past 7 years with the acquisition of more than 80 medical groups, increasing its physician base by more than 200 physicians. It has excelled at standardizing its primary care practices, including the implementation and accreditation of most practices as patient-centered medical homes (“PCMHs”). The primary care practices also participated in the first phase of the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative (“CPCI”) initiative and have qualified for CPCI Plus.

The physician network was experiencing growth in the market and was looking for ways to become an integrated high-functioning medical group while improving access to patients in its primary and specialty practices. 

Our Approach

GE Healthcare Partners evaluated the performance of the physician network including an assessment of workflows, opportunities for savings, validation of staffing relative to industry benchmarks, optimization of the electronic health record, and revenue cycle performance. We used our proprietary AccuTracker cycle time app to study workflow process times and utilized simulation modeling to assist with workflow redesign.

As a result of the assessment, we identified more than $10 million in revenue enhancement and expense reduction opportunities. It was determined that there was a one-time $4.6 million dollar improvement in revenue cycle operations and a 1 to 3 percent annual increase in revenue. Improvements included leveraging technology (i.e., working and managing work queues) and reengineering processes, such as the timely and complete capture of charges. Additional operational recommendations included such items as engaging specialty physician leadership in changing group culture, standardization of workflows and templates within specialty practices, alignment of compensation and productivity across the organization, and optimization of technology to promote efficiency of operations and reduce provider frustration.

GE Healthcare Partners also provided prioritized recommendations for improvement and facilitated the interactive session for development of an action plan to support implementation of recommendations. 


  • $10 Million
    Identified more than $10 million in revenue enhancement and expense reduction opportunities.
  • 1% to 3% Annual Revenue Increase
    $4.6 million was uncovered as a one-time opportunity with 1 to 3% in on-going additional revenue.
  • Technology
    Utilized AccuTracker to measure patient through-put cycle times and simulation modeling to assist with workflow redesign.

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