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In anticipation of its continued growth, this large health system wanted to understand the operational performance of its foundation and regional medical groups as well as its scalability for the future.


Dignity Health, the nation’s fifth largest health system, and the largest healthcare provider in California, wanted to expand its foundation, Dignity Health Medical Foundation, which is one component of its physician enterprise. In anticipation of its continued growth, it was important to understand the operational performance of the foundation and its regional medical groups and its scalability for the future.

Our Approach

GE Healthcare Partners conducted a thorough assessment the foundation’s operational performance at the central corporate level and in the dozens of clinic locations across the state.  At the clinic level, the focus was on identifying variation, waste, inefficiencies, and best practices.  Corporate operations were assessed for efficiency and the support provided to the clinics. 

Our efforts began with the analysis of operational data, including financial reports, staffing, appointment scheduling, revenue cycle management, physician productivity, facilities, operating expenses, patient experience, and workflows.

Site visits to corporate and clinic sites allowed our consultants to observe operations and patient flow, as well as to conduct more than 100 interviews with physicians, management, and staff.  We compared key operating measures to industry and internal benchmarks and evaluated the scalability of current operations.

Based on our assessment, we provided Dignity Health with prioritized recommendations related to locations, staffing, physician compensation, patient access, workflows, organizational structure, and corporate support services. We then worked with leadership to facilitate the development of a management action plan to implement our recommendations.

As a result of this engagement, we identified over $19 million dollars in revenue and savings opportunities for Dignity Health Medical Foundation.  

“GE Healthcare Partners’s innovative thinking and operational expertise have been an excellent complement to our team as we increase quality care while reducing costs. We were able to leverage their practical, no-nonsense approach to yield plans that have produced meaningful results.” Bruce Swartz Senior Vice President Physician Integration, Dignity Medical Foundation


  • $19M
    Identified more than $19 million dollars in revenue and savings opportunities.
  • Approach Combined comprehensive data analysis with operational assessments and interviews to develop a detailed understanding of the organization and the opportunities.
  • Actionable
    Identified best practices and developed a clear roadmap for implementing the changes.

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