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A comprehensive work flow assessment of a large independent primary care medical group in representative clinics throughout the country resulted in identified potential impact of an average of 1 hour per day per physician in time savings.


DaVita Healthcare Partners Medical Group (“DaVita HCP”), a large independent primary care medical group with approximately 500 physicians in 200 primary care and 8 urgent care sites throughout the United States was committed to improving physician satisfaction. Therefore, it launched a major work flow assessment initiative including the use of surveys to identify issues and examining work flows in representative clinics throughout the country.

Our Approach

GE Healthcare Partners (“GEHC Camden Group”) was engaged to assist DaVita HCP in understanding the challenges faced by its physicians in their daily work life through the documentation of current state work flows, identification of best practices, and prioritization of opportunities for improvement.

To ensure a broad understanding of the work flow challenges encountered by physicians in various clinic settings in multiple states, DaVita HCP requested that GEHC Camden Group document and analyze work flows in approximately 25 percent of its total sites (over 200 primary care and 8 urgent care sites). DaVita HCP leadership selected clinics and physicians for participation that represented a wide variety of characteristics in order to understand the effect of the various characteristics on impacted work flows. Characteristics considered included payer mix (percent of risk vs. fee-for-service), financial performance, patient mix, and patient and physician satisfaction; also at least one clinic from each region was selected.

GEHC Camden Group documented and analyzed five major operational processes for each clinic, for a total of 250 work flows; we also interviewed and shadowed approximately 105 physicians and discussed operations with more than 400 HCP staff.

The five work flow processes included:

  • Check-in
  • Rooming of the patient
  • Physician exam
  • Order completion (medical assistant discharge, referrals, prescription refills)
  • Check-out

“The GEHC Camden Group team is very knowledgeable about operational assessments, care model redesign, and more importantly, they have hands-on experience in developing and managing practice transformation. We highly recommend them as practice transformation advisors for any organization.” Sang Yoon, MBA Director, Business Transformation DaVita Healthcare Partners

In addition to documenting current state work flows and identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks, GEHC Camden Group conducted cycle time studies at each of the 50 locations, using Accutracker, our proprietary mobile software, to accurately track cycle time data. This data was used to determine the percent of value (time patients spend interacting regarding their care) and non-value added time at each site. GEHC Camden Group also assessed the effectiveness of the EHR system and its impact on physician satisfaction and productivity by shadowing physicians through a series of visits. Through cycle time studies and shadowing, GEHC Camden Group documented time to complete various tasks, including the number of clicks and screens required for each task.


  • Time Savings
    Identified potential time savings of an average of 1 hour per day per physician.
  • Performance ImprovementDeveloped an action list identifying 39 opportunities for performance improvement.
  • Best PracticesDocumented 250 work flows in 50 primary care and urgent care sites, providing a robust database for drawing best practices.

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