Central Iowa Healthcare

Soon after celebrating its 100th birthday, Central Iowa Healthcare (CIH) (formerly Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center) decided to build a new hospital and ambulatory surgery center (ASC). In separate engagements, CIH worked with GE Healthcare Partners to help design both facilities to optimize the patient experience while maximizing operational efficiency.

This collaborative effort included the application of robust, proprietary simulation modeling from GE Healthcare Partners to test different design strategies. The simulation enabled CIH to evaluate different approaches in a risk-free environment before making significant investments to implement solutions.

Once the simulation was complete, GE Healthcare explored the model’s output in iterative working sessions with CIH leadership, helping to align the organization’s commitment to a strategy and action plan. As a result of the engagements, CIH avoided millions of dollars in construction and operating costs while improving patient throughput and thereby enhancing revenue

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