Vote for Tampa General Hospital + GE Healthcare's South By Southwest Command Center Proposal

John Couris, CEO of Tampa General Hospital, and Jeff Terry, CEO, GE Clinical Command Centers, have submitted a joint proposal, titled "Leveraging Technology to Personalize Healthcare" for the 2020 South By Southwest event. 30% of the decision on whether they are selected is based on public voting. 

Please take a moment to consider voting today. Voting ends on Friday, 8/23. Thank you for your support!

Voting instructions below:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Click “Sign In” in the top right of the page
  3. Click “Create Account” and type in your information
  4. Confirm your registration via email link
  5. Click on “Vote Up” on the left side of the page

Proposal Details

Leveraging Technology to Personalize Healthcare

More and more, healthcare in a hospital setting feels impersonal. But in today’s world, artificial intelligence technology can actually help make care much more customized and personalized. For instance, it can minimize risk of infection by reducing your stay, get you discharged faster, put you in to treatment rooms more quickly, and even contain you and your payor’s costs.

AI-technology can also couple connected devices like blood pressure cuffs and scales with care pathway programs to electronically transmit them to medical record systems. It also balances staff workload to keep team members fresh and productive. 

So how do we deliver on the promise of this technology in reality? How do we fine tune as we go and make it work for patients in Tampa General Hospital’s 1,007 beds?

Session Takeaways

  1. How to design a care coordination program that addresses everything your organization needs in order to elevate the patient care experience
  2. How to avoid common pitfalls when finding and selecting a technology partner to develop a care coordination program
  3. Looking to future needs of your patients and your organization to determine how you and your technology partner can address those needs together


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