Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow: From Volume- to Value-Based Worlds

Healthcare delivery in general, and physician reimbursement specifically, are undergoing unprecedented transformation. While most physician practices still operate largely in a fee-for-service ("FFS") world, government and commercial payers alike have signified their intent to reimburse physicians and other providers based on value.

Many physicians recognize that the FFS system is imperfect at best, but the evolving value-based reimbursement system is ill defined, leaving physicians facing a great deal of uncertainty. During this time of uncertainty, medical practices have opportunities to improve performance and position themselves for success in the rapidly changing healthcare market. It is natural to begin focusing on clinical measures and outcomes as a means for proving value, but it is just as important to remain financially viable during the transition. By understanding the structures of evolving reimbursement methodologies, changing health plan dynamics, and developing market trends, we can thrive in this uncertain world.

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