Planning a New Hospital or Clinic? First, Design How it Cares

What will the hospital of the future look like? How will it simplify care processes? How will it fit within the broader system of care? How will it further population health? How will you plan for changing care models and uncertain demand? What if the hospital of the future is designed for both patients and caregivers?

Design4Care leverages GE’s HoF Analytics Platform™ which has been used to optimize facility design from Brussels to Marshalltown to Toronto. Our HoF Analytics Platform™ solutions provides the expertise and proprietary simulation technology that enables you to realize a fundamentally more efficient system — physical capacities, workflows, staffing model, and patient experience — by design.

We help you visualize the interdependencies of your operations, staffing, and workflows to guide your team through its transformation. 

To better understand how physical design and operational model of care will impact patients and staff in your proposed facility, please watch the demo video, below or download our case studies. 

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