Expedite Elective Surgeries and Procedures Post-COVID-19

Expedite Elective Surgeries ThumbIt will be critical to efficiently resolve the backlog of elective surgeries and procedures to expedite patient care as we transition to the next phase of this COVID-19 era. GE Healthcare is helping health systems work differently to accommodate backlog and new cases, maximize short-term revenue and reduce the need for extended operational hours and resources.

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Scenario Planning Process Using Constraint-Based Modeling

Step 1: Collect Data

GE requests de-identified data & provides secure transfer mechanism

  • Procedural Areas: OR, Cath/EP, GI, Imaging (IR, MRI, CT, Mammography, Other)
  • Inpatient: ADT, Bed Master
  • Block Schedule
  • Identified Backlog of Cases
  • Elective Schedule: Date suspended / Anticipated start

Step 2: Qualitative & Quantitative Analyses

Week 1: Data analysis to determine maximum efficiency of schedule and downstream effects on recovery & inpatient beds. Determine appropriate units to target care for COVID-19 patients. Phone interviews with key stakeholders.

Week 2: Review Initial Outcomes / Triage with key stakeholders (What if we did this? Or that?) / Refine Schedule / Finalize

Step 3: Deliverable

Two Weeks from Data Receipt

Quantitative Assessment / General Recommendations / Ramp-up Scenarios with estimated time impact on
IP bed capacity.

  1. Return to Previous Schedule
  2. Additional OR / Procedural Hours (extended hours)
  3. Optimized Schedule
  4. General recommendations to get “back to normal” such as Risk Stratification, Bed Plan Adjustments, etc.

Ramp-Up Scenarios

Previous Schedule

Extended Hours

Optimized Schedule


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