Case Study: Humber River Hospital's Command Centre--Year One In Review

Humber River Hospital's Command Centre is the confluence of artificial and human intelligence coming together 24 hours a day, seven days a week, detecting risk, coordinating complex care activity and backstopping care teams in real-time.

Read about:

  • How the Humber River Hospital Command Centre intervenes to alleviate pressure on the system as well as stress on hospital staff;
  • The difference the Command Centre has made on caregivers who no longer have to rely on daily heroics to deliver their best care;
  • Humber River Hospital's position in the GE Healthcare ecosystem;
  • How Humber River Hospital leadership achieved buy-in for the Command Centre
  • Generation 2: High-reliability healthcare; and
  • The future of data-driven decision making.

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Humber River Hospital Command Centre
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